10:27 PM

All the Pretty Flowers

Flowers are kind of a big deal here in Korea, and for a few weeks the streets and local parks are covered with all kinds of beautiful flowers. I was kind of a lazy photographer during this period, but we did manage to get a few.

Trying to get the waterfall in the background. We were only semi-successful.

We weren't actually going to pay to see the flowers at the International Horticulture Festival so this is what we could see from the outside.

When I was little we used to go to Nannie's on Easter and take pictures in front of her azalea bushes. So as Caleb and I were walking around the Lake Park on Easter I couldn't resist reliving a bit of my childhood. Too bad my wonderful sisters weren't there too.

We really need friends so they can take pictures of us.

Caleb and the cherry blossoms.

So beautiful...


Brooke Haynie said...

we'll be there soon so you part of your arms won't be in all the pictures!