10:27 PM

All the Pretty Flowers

Flowers are kind of a big deal here in Korea, and for a few weeks the streets and local parks are covered with all kinds of beautiful flowers. I was kind of a lazy photographer during this period, but we did manage to get a few.

Trying to get the waterfall in the background. We were only semi-successful.

We weren't actually going to pay to see the flowers at the International Horticulture Festival so this is what we could see from the outside.

When I was little we used to go to Nannie's on Easter and take pictures in front of her azalea bushes. So as Caleb and I were walking around the Lake Park on Easter I couldn't resist reliving a bit of my childhood. Too bad my wonderful sisters weren't there too.

We really need friends so they can take pictures of us.

Caleb and the cherry blossoms.

So beautiful...

9:31 PM

We Apologize

I have been a writer for quite some time. For quite alot of that "quite some time" I have been a top-level writer that regularly receives gobs of fan mail. My tenure here in Korea writing this blog is no exception. Some days, I wake up 3 or 4 hours early just so I will have enough time to sort through all the fan emails and open all the letters. If you have ever opened hundreds of letters in a day, then you know how tedious of a process it can be and how you have to take great care to avoid paper cuts cause one of those babies will really slow you down.
Occasionally after one of my riveting presentations of the written English language, I will get a "themed" response from my audience. They will all write letters that say things such as "Wow!" or "Stunning!" One woman even said my work inspired her to give up her day job and focus full time on writing...her name was J.K. Columnling.... or something like that.

Lately the theme I have received from my audience has been one of deep emmotion and passion. Folks have been saying very loving things like "I can't comment on your blog." or "I still can't comment on your blog!" For this we offer our sincerest apologies.

Below is a post of random pictures that everyone should be able to click on to enlarge. I didn't bother putting comments cause fighting with blogger over pictures has become one of my most hated things to do. And as for the comment thing....in our options menu we definitely have "anyone can comment" and "show all comments" selected yet somehow it still doesn't work. Again, we are real sorry about that but would still love to know what you have to say. Shoot us an email at mriagorilla@hotmail.com or lallen122@gmail.com

And keep that fan mail coming.

8:30 PM


Here are a few random pictures from our time here in Korea.